Future Material!

Nothing too crazy to post today, but I figured if for no other reason than a bit of self-motivation, I would post about what I'm planning for the next content post. I've been going through the excellent  Practical Ethical Hacking course  from TCM Academy and it's been a blast so far. There are tons of things covered (and I'm sure even more will be dropped in my lap when I wrap it up and move onto their Linux and Windows privilege escalation courses). The part I'm currently working on that has been really interesting so far is the Windows exploitation part of the course, and I figured for my own edification, if nothing else, I would do a bit of a deeper dive into some of the tools used so far and explore them a bit more in depth, and show some of them working in the home lab I've got going. Might even do a little background research of some of them, since reading the book Sandworm  has opened my eyes to the insane backstory on some tools like Mimikatz that sound

Passing the GIAC GSEC Certification

The assembled tools. I needed to figure out something for a real first post...but I'm not an expert in anything. Hell, some days it feels like hitting fine in anything is a high bar to clear. Realistically, I'm not an expert in passing certification exams, but we're going to put that aside and live in a land of make believe for a bit on this one. The GIAC Security Essentials Certification seemed like the Security+ on steroids. As they say, it's a mile wide and a foot deep in terms of what it covers (Is that actually a thing people say?). The GSEC has sections dedicated to Windows, Linux, MacOS, the Cloud, security testing...pretty much everything  is hit in at least a brief overview with the exam. It's a 5-hour test that gives you between 106 and 180 questions, and expects you to get a score of 73% or higher. The exam is multiple choice, and has hands-on labs thrown in that will have you getting hands on time with things like Wireshark and Snort logs among other th


This initial post will just serve as a little welcome to you special few who are the first to publicly see this, as well as a head's up that things will definitely be shifting around on this Blog as I figure out what I want and learn what looks awful. It's worth pointing out that I'm entirely inexperienced in blogging, and I am most certainly not a web designer...or English major. So pardon that horrid grammar and punctuation!  But most of all...welcome!