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Hacking Active Directory: Redux - Back to the Start.

This was an idea that if you're reading this blog and have looked at previous posts, you will see isn't new. It's a rehash of the thing I wanted to do when I started this blog. My goal here has been to post about things that I've had success with as a means to helping others, but also to force me to really understand and examine the concepts I'm posting about. The goal for these posts was to have a "real life" small scale pentest to show how you can enumerate and attack Windows hosts in an Active Directory network. When I first started in on this idea, I quickly realized the problem with my idea...I was trying to blog about something I was still learning, which makes for a very slow and tedious process. Now that I've completed the wonderful  TCM Security Practical Ethical Hacking course , along with the other Windows and Linux Privilege Escalation courses, I'm in the stage of going back and re-examining my knowledge and notes before taking the PNPT