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Passing the GIAC GSEC Certification

The assembled tools. I needed to figure out something for a real first post...but I'm not an expert in anything. Hell, some days it feels like hitting fine in anything is a high bar to clear. Realistically, I'm not an expert in passing certification exams, but we're going to put that aside and live in a land of make believe for a bit on this one. The GIAC Security Essentials Certification seemed like the Security+ on steroids. As they say, it's a mile wide and a foot deep in terms of what it covers (Is that actually a thing people say?). The GSEC has sections dedicated to Windows, Linux, MacOS, the Cloud, security testing...pretty much everything  is hit in at least a brief overview with the exam. It's a 5-hour test that gives you between 106 and 180 questions, and expects you to get a score of 73% or higher. The exam is multiple choice, and has hands-on labs thrown in that will have you getting hands on time with things like Wireshark and Snort logs among other th


This initial post will just serve as a little welcome to you special few who are the first to publicly see this, as well as a head's up that things will definitely be shifting around on this Blog as I figure out what I want and learn what looks awful. It's worth pointing out that I'm entirely inexperienced in blogging, and I am most certainly not a web designer...or English major. So pardon that horrid grammar and punctuation!  But most of all...welcome!