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My Poor Mistreated Blog

Greetings, all. As it's probably plainly evident, my success in keeping this thing up to date has been pretty awful. It's not entirely because of laziness, but that's certainly been a factor.  Just as a life update and partial explanation, I recently moved again . At the same time, I was working on another work certification and managed to pass my GIAC GWAPT (The GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester) certification exam, though it took two tries. I thought about writing a little guide on how I passed it, but figured it was just too close to the original one I posted for the GSEC exam a while ago to be worth it, as most everything from that still applies. One thing I have been meaning to get a blog post written up about, and will probably start on tonight, is creating a little "how to" for setting up Evilginx.  For a little backstory, we were running into a lot of AiTM attacks at work where we couldn't figure out how the attackers were compromising the users