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Small Life Update!

 So the move was a success. It was a grueling few days of entirely too much driving, too much running around and way too many boxes, but it went off pretty smoothly, and compared to my last few moves where the temperatures were in the high 90's, moving in the low 80's felt like a dream by comparison. I've finally managed to get all of my home network back up and running, managing to get my VM server successfully shoved into a closet corner and connected to the wifi without too much trouble. Since we're in a smaller apartment now, I genuinely wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find a place to set it up where it could run. Having had it sitting out in my office previously, it's not the ideal noise and heat generator you want constantly running in the place you work and play games. I'm still planning to get back to the Windows lab soon. Everything right now is a bit up in the air, as my workload at work may be changing, thought it's ultimately for the