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Status Update: Still Alive

In what seems to be a common refrain in my life, my dreams and aspirations for this blog may have been a bit loftier than I was capable of executing. That said, I do definitely still want to revisit this idea of the "Windows Pen Test" that was part of my learning experience. I think what I realized as I was studying was that my desire to work through the material and keep learning eventually getting to the point of sitting for a test was overwhelming my want to sit on the Windows topic for weeks to make the in-depth blog that I envisioned making. So what have I been up to since the summer where I last updated? I've been working at grinding away at my study resources since then, and hopefully  there will soon be a payoff for the work. As usual, there's a fair share of headaches in between. When I kicked this blog off, I had been plugging away at the  Practical Ethical Hacking  course from TCM. The course was great, as all of them have been so far, and I was really enjo