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Cyber Security Studying or: How I Learned to Stop Hand-Writing and Love the Digital Docs

In life, learning to study is a critical skill to have...something that I discovered sadly late in life. Throughout my life, I struggled with sorting out my ADHD and finding ways to learn that worked for me. Taking notes in class was rough, because taking my mind and eyes off of the board and teacher meant I would quickly lose my place in the lesson trying to keep notes on what was important. Sadly, when I was a kid, smart phones and computers weren't in the classrooms, so the ability to easily record things and take notes wasn't there for me. Fortunately, I don't have any such restrictions anymore, and I don't have to suffer to keep up anymore. But the difficulties of paying attention in Algebra have now been replaced with learning in the Infosec world, which at times feels like trying to use a waterfall to fill a Solo cup. And that's coming from someone who was absolutely awful in math class. For me, there have always been a few problems taking notes. I need some